Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Earlier today we arrived home after our busy and quick visit with family in Maine. My mother-in-law is here visiting us, it is so nice to have her. The boys adore her. On Monday we headed to Norridgewock to visit faimly and to pick up my oldest son who had been spending a few days with my parents. We were able to visit Ian’s dad and his grandfather as well. In addition, we enjoyed a great Big G's breaskfast with the Pieds and Puccios, a Christmas tradition. All good visits.

Then we went to a Christmas Eve service at Grace Capital Church. Lots of wonderful holiday music and a great reminder about what Christmas is truly about. I feel so connected to God lately and it feels good. I am starting to feel good about religion and my liberal views. At one time I thought they could not coexist.

But now I feel a spirit around me, I feel the presence of my Aunt more than ever, and all of these feelings are positive. My mind is more open than it has ever been. I am growing as a person, I can feel it.

For once my feelings about God don’t question my beliefs, they don’t give me guilt, they don’t focus on how I feel about other people, rather they focus on my spirit and my blessings. They remind me of how short time on earth is in the large scope of eternity.

Hold on to your family, friends, and any thing you enjoy. Appreciate. Respect. Love. Give. Because tomorrow it could be gone. The touch from my children, the jokes from my husband, the love from my family, the warmth of our home… it one day will all be gone. Reality. No matter what you believe happens after life here, it will one day be gone. If I can live my life knowing that these things are temporary I can appreciate, respect, love, give… just a little more.

I am not sure about everything about God but one thing I know is that I am starting to have peace. Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Is stealing wrong???

Today I dropped Kael off at daycare and as usual he takes off his coat and shoes. He hands me his coat and says “you do it mumma” (meaning he wants me to hang his coat up for him). So I kindly oblige and as I reach to the hook I hear this loud crash at my feet. I look down and there is glass everywhere. I just can’t believe that I knocked something down. I am puzzled... where did it come from and how did I hit it???

Then I look down more closely and I seem to recognize this glass mess on the floor. It is one of our Christmas ornaments that fell out of Kael's jacket! I look over at Kael and with my stern face and I can’t help but laugh. I say “Kael, did you take an ornament off the tree this morning?” He looks so sad, so I can’t help but hug him and say while laughing “It’s ok sweetie, but you can’t take the ornaments to school with you”. He just says “I show it to school and keep it in my pocket”.

You know how they say "it's the thought that counts". Well it is. The thought of Kael trying to secretly stuff a glass ornament in his pocket to show his class is just a sweet memory that I will have for many Christmases. It was his thought that counted.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Remembering Santa

So today, Ian took the kids to the mall to see Santa. He later called me at work to tell me the kids had a great time. They both sat on Santa’s lap and they both gave him a big hug. He said the kids were really well behaved so they ate lunch there and he took them to the candy store to pick out a piece of candy. Ian is such a great dad. Although this is not why I am posting…..

I get home from work and ask “Kaiden, how was your day?” was and he gets all excited and says “daddy took us to the mall!” He goes on to tell me about how much fun he had eating lunch and picking out candy. I asked…. “Did you do anything else at the mall???” He says “no, just lunch and candy”. I ask “wasn’t there anything else fun you did at the mall???” and he says “no, just lunch and candy”. He then goes on to describe the kind of candy he picked out. “oh and we saw Santa” he says at last.

I know they are excited for Christmas but I can say they are not too excited!