Sunday, March 20, 2011

My First Half Marathon with Rocky's Rescues on My Mind

Hey family and friends,
As probably you all know I have been working my butt off at training for a half marathon. My run is in 2 weeks!!!! yey!

I am dedicating my run, all 13.1 miles, to an awesome animal rescue called Rocky’s Rescues... who recently was in the paper for their animal rescue/education efforts:

They are an amazing rescue organization where I have found another love of my life, Sadie.

Our new dog Sadie was is terrible condition, pregnant, sick, heartworm, emaciated, and probably worst of all, without anyone to love. She was rescued by a man named Tom English (a rescuer) and a woman named Sarah Mann (a foster mom). These people dedicate their lives to saving animals, spreading the work about spaying and neutering, spending thier own money on treatment, nurturing them back to health and to an adoptable condition, and then finally finding these desperate animals a safe and loving home. I have come to know these people through phone conversations and emails.

Becaused we rescued Sadie, Sarah now had room to rescue another dog they named Babe. Her story is very similar to Sadie’s. Pregnant, no food or shelter, emaciated, heartworm, and no love. Yet they are the sweetest dogs around. I have copied an email and picture below of Sarah’s recent email to me. She was very attached to Sadie but let her go to me because she knew there was another Sadie around the corner to be rescued.

Anyway, by this time you are probably considering I am going to ask for a donation, and you are right. : )

And if you need more of a reason, check out this video made by Tom (video is not for kids). The first dog in the video is Sadie. :(

Please consider sponsoring me on my run. All the money I collect will go to Rocky’s Rescues. They are a non-profit organization; where no one gets paid, they are all volunteers, they do this in their spare time, and all the medical care is paid for by donations!

Seriously any bit helps, even $1. And I mean that with all my heart.

Thank you all! And thanks so much for your words of encouragment in my training. I am still amazed that I can run! : ) And a big big thanks to Celeste for inspiring me to run and for believing in me! I am so happy that you are going to be running by my side, even though you could be at the finish line by now!

If you want to donate, you can make a check out to me or directly to “Animal Alliance of Galveston County — Rocky’s Rescues Account”.

I thank you and dogs just like Sadie thank you!!!
And Saber thanks you for his new friend, which he is so happy to have now. Even the cats like her now!



Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 2:42 PM
Subject: I've got you - "Babe"

Hi Amy,
Thanks again for the sweet updates on Sadie girl. I miss her tremendously but I smile big every time I see her face in a photo!

Miss Sadie getting adopted allowed us the opportunity to go rescue another dog yesterday. We have named her "Babe".

A day in the life of a San Leon/Bacliff dog on Monday March 7, 2011.

The difference one can make by simply caring enough to stop & render help to the helpless.

Tom & Sarah -Pulling up to a house in San Leon/Bacliff on 10th street March 7, 2011 @ 4:00 PM

Living in dirt, no food, no water & tied up.


A beautiful female dog who recently had her 3rd or 4th litter of puppies found emaciated & full distention in tummy.

Tom approaches to make a new friend - Nice big thick chain around her skinny neck.

He assures her - everything will be alright.

Tom gives her Frontline flea prev.

Worms her & vaccinates her.

Tom checks her gums. They are white - she is anemic.
Most likely her bloated tummy is from heart failure to do heart worm disease

We just can't leave her behind for certain death to come.
We take her back to my house to help her.
( Owner admits he hasn't got enough money to feed Mama & puppies, but he himself looks like he hasn't missed a meal.)

Tom gives some much needed reassurance- Help is here. Tom names her "Babe"

Tom draws blood for panel screening & hw test -
He knows she is hw pos. before the results have even come back.

Look at this mug - Beautiful girl will now receive love & medical care.
She will leave her old life behind for good.

She say's thank you Sarah - "Got some food ?" I'm hungry!

She is in a warm comfortable bed.
Eating boiled chicken breast & rice to put over delicious kibble, she eats it all up &
say's Thank you. We are waiting for all blood work to come back to see the plan of action to get her health back.

Thank you sister Sadie for making room for me to get help, soon I will be dancing & wagging my tail.

P.S We rescued all her puppies also. The owners of this dog should be in jail.